Mosquitoes like Moths


Right, so I am in Bangkok, Annie and I are going to a Wat for some Vipassana Meditation teaching. The heat is simmering, creating waves in the air. We arrive. I am excited, expectant. I mean, great place, authentic teacher, what more could I want? It begins. So there is standing, intending to walk, walking, intending to turn, turning, intending to sit, sitting. I am rocking it, I am doing it. But, I did not factor in the mosquitoes the size of moths. Mosquitoes that hated me in South Africa, unless they were desperate and there was nothing else available, loved me in a yummy way in Bangkok. Everywhere I went I was trailing a smog of repellent, which had no effect on these big boys. Once sitting they honed in. So, my first undoing was the judgement of rocking it, the second undoing was the mosquitoes. So for those who are trying to meditate, there will always be undoings: if not the monkey mind messing with your mind, it’s the environment making you uncomfortable, or it’s icky emotions playing tricks. These are all undoings we face each time we sit to meditate. Beware of the mosquitoes like moths and remember the idiom: “the devil is in the details”. Just keep coming back to the breath, or whatever the focus of your meditation is, gently, kindly, just keep opening the door and dropping back in.

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.” ~ Anita Roddick

Image from Creative Market purchased Epilogue Presentation.




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