What are the things that are worth living for?


What are the things that are worth living for?

  1. Primarily for me the number one is experiential. To have loving relationships with my close family: my three daughters, my mom, sister, niece and nephews. This is extended by the practice of compassion or altruism towards others, wishing for them not to suffer and to find and know happiness. This is extended also to all living beings and not to intentionally cause harm. Then again, this is extended out into the greater Buddhaverse and universe that all beings in all realms be free of suffering and attain enlightenment.
  2. Then would come creative values in striving to make a future for myself with my own business.
  3. To use correct attitudes in daily life. To accept what can’t be changed on a macro level. To reach a peace with that. To be patient, to show kindness to all since everyone is a suffering human being. To be aware of the impermanence of life and to cherish this precious human rebirth.

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