Daily Post – Mind Reader

Daily Post – Mind Reader


K gets out of the car, grey and silver storm clouds are gathering behind us, obscuring the light behind, the air is cold with the threat of snow on the Drakensberg and rain. The wind in town had unsettled my hair, streamed my eyes and I now sat, fatigued with black marks in the corners of my eyes. We have just come from an uncomfortable meeting where she asserted: “D you are getting very aggressive, this is uncalled for and it’s not about that, it’s about the figures.” Coming to my aid when D leaned across me asserting his anger and pushing into my personal space. The mediator did nothing. For K to do this I knew was a new side that she has recently begun developing, always the sunshine girl, this has been hard for her. She was thinking as she bent back in to say: “I love you Mom”, that she did good, that she had protected her Mom. The small blossom of her growing ability to assert herself, peeped into the threatening end of day. She had for that moment been a gladiator for her mom, keeping calm but telling it like it needed to be told.

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