Daily Post | Mutant | Blending Dissonance or BD451

Mutants and Hybrids | Daily Post | Blending Dissonance or BD451

If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?


I am BD451. I am a mutant blend of human and non-human. My two non-human parts are extra-ordinary. I am a mutant with very particular and specialised capabilities. I was blended by top minds in laboratory cosmic forges. My first non-human part, is that of the chameleon, I am able to change at a moment’s notice, to suit the clime and context. My capability is defensive, organic and given this hostile barren landscape, this is an existence saving power. My second non-organic capability, is that of the Long Range Acoustic Device, (LRAD), already proven by the New World Order, to be highly effective in crowd control. I use it defensively, or offensively to force compliance in those around me. When activated, it causes pain in my targets and forces them to submit to my will. When my feminine whiles do not work, I am to great effect able to deploy either of these two, together with my human nature, blending the three dissonances. It is my role not to be seen, to shimmer, to disappear. I am by nature ephemeral. So used am I, to not being seen, that I feel my boundaries are blurred, I am feint as if rubbed out and I am less human with each passing year. I am deployed in highly sensitive contexts, in Top Secret Facilities and to infiltrate our enemy targets, the Tangents, secretive and sly, slinking in the nether worlds, relentlessly hatching cunning plots.

Header Image purchased at Creative Market – Huge Nature Photo Set. One license only. View cool stuff to purchase.


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