Weekly Writing Challenge | List Lesson | Things I Remember


List Lesson | Things I Remember

This week, girl in the hat writer Anna Fonté challenges you to write a list that transcends its orderly or numbered format.

I Remember:

…steam train whistles, rhythmic clacking, coal in the eye

…farm boys in tight shorts and ‘veldskoens’ in the brittle Karoo, epitomising a strange and unknown masculinity

…gamboling lambs with long tails

…walking out of the High Court sun on my face

…a shoe lost in a puddle of semi-frozen frost

…a moment of transcendence, eddy of water in a smiling round

…the moments of birth, new, tiny, perfect, brilliant flashes of light and possibility, unspeakable and breathtaking, tears in the eyes

…the grey crisp dawn and scalding chai tea

…numb hands and frozen water pipes

…the moment of meeting after many years lost

…moments of possibility, those one could miss if not paying attention

…the breath of a child on my face

…baby feet moving like creatures from a precious world, all emotive

…cats, dogs and birds and animals precious companions enriching life

…unspoken breathless undoings

…the eyes of a lover, limpid with unambiguous desire

…sitting crossed legged receiving teachings in India, grateful, blessed

…simple things in loving moments

…crystal forms perfection

…the men I have noticed, the ones with the particular blend of nuances that speak to me with a silvery cord, a unique alchemy

…the soft transparent skin on the hands of older people I have loved

…the heart pangs of both love and loss

…the joy and sensory delight of just baked bread

…the eyes and hands of connection

…moments of stillness and AHA realisations, coming fully formed without thought

…the peace and liberation of acceptance

…reaching the high place of a waterfall

…dreams and hope made manifest

…Ouma’s prescience and the birds with a message

…crisp white sheets and billowing mosquito nets

…kintsugi and the history of broken things, embracing flaws and imperfections, embracing change.

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