Climate Control | How About Me? An African Violet not a Daisy

Climate Control | How About Me? An African Violet not a Daisy

The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

Why do I say I am an African Violet and not a Daisy? Well, from experience of travel and living in my home country, I have realised that I need the ‘right’ conditions to thrive, just like an African Violet, which I have never been able to grow, they are just too sensitive. I am physically somewhat fragile.

Traveling in India, I became violently ill on three different occasions over a three-week period. There seems to occur a kind of violent physical travail of some kind, for anyone going on a quest or seeking (spiritual) journey. A kind of leveling or karmic cleansing.

Traveling and living in Thailand, I was plagued by skin ailments which I shouldn’t have had, for example, Chicken Pox, which I had already had, apparently the chances of getting it twice are slim. Rashes of strange kinds appeared and a thing called Prickly Heat. I thought I was losing my mind. I felt as though things were crawling over my skin and scalp, like tiny microscopic bugs, the horror of nightmare imaginings. I contemplated, yes my mind had gone, like the stories of falang (foreigners), who had lost their minds and perpetually wonder Khaosan Road, or the French guy I met who had sold his passport in desperation for Baht, now stuck, wandering round and round.


I succumbed to bronchitis, food poisoning several times and even ended up in hospital because of my ability to be poisoned. I was visited by Gastroenteritis so many times, it became like a familiar friend.

So, coming from an African Tropical Climate, the above visitations were rather shocking, given that I thought I would be somewhat immune. Not so, viruses and bacteria thrived and colonised wherever I traveled.

Even at home, I really suffer when it is too hot during December, January and February. Autumn and Winter are my best times. So I function optimally it seems during those times, when I am less flustered, less agitated and more calm. Yes, climate does affect me, put me in the right spot on the window sill, with the right nourishment and care and I will thrive. Even though life seldom offers the right conditions, the trick is to manage and balance the in-between, staying in the moment by moment. I work on this day by day.

Image Wikiepedia Gnu Attribution Image by Mr Bullitt 2005



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