Snapshot Stories | Terma | A Hidden Treasure


Snapshot Stories | Terma | A Hidden Treasure

Open the first photo album you can find — real or virtual, your call — and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there . Tell us the story of that photo.

Terma, a rescue kitten who survived a journey under my car from Buxtons in Glenwood to busy E and B Roads. Heard meowing, tried to see him prone on the tarmac on my back, in oncoming traffic with hazards on – heavy traffic rushing by in all directions, (it is fortunate indeed that I did not sustain an injury). A kind gentleman riding a bicycle stopped, once I parked on the pavement further on, painfully worried the kitten would be killed. He helped me retrieve the terrified soul from the pipes under my car. The kitten was hissing, so I gave him my jersey to wrap around his arm. There is unexpected kindness everywhere. How the kitten did not bolt into oncoming cars I do not know. We had no success. Then, he took off his belt and pushed from one side, while I grabbed on the other. When I picked him up he went completely limp from fear. I am now trying to teach him not to go for my many birds and teach Ariel, my rabbit, to tolerate him. It’s going to take some time. He is indeed a miracle. I am thinking I am fostering him, but I have named him, given him check ups, injections, deworming and a collar. He is too sweet. How vulnerable are we in life. Literally moments can change one’s course.

In this photo it shows how Terma, (hidden treasure), has a way of resting his head on my hand. He is now considerably larger, but he still does this.





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