Seasonal Scents – The Daily Post – Petrichor and Jasmine Scents

Seasonal Scents – Petrichor and Jasmine Scents

S’mores, salty ocean breezes, veggie burgers on the grill, sweaty people on the bus — what’s the smell you associate the most with summer?


The first flowers in Spring are the Jasmine. My favourite scents of Summer would have to be Roses, Lavender, and Magnolia.

Best of all is petrichor, the scent of rain, or the scent in the air of an oncoming storm. I so love the dulcet tones of the Summer frogs and crickets. Researchers have shown that those who are sensitive to smell, can actually smell a storm coming:

“Before the rain begins, one of the first odors you may notice as winds pick up and clouds roll in is a sweet, pungent zing in your nostrils. That’s the sharp, fresh aroma of ozone—a form of oxygen whose name comes from the Greek word ozein (to smell).” From Scientific American – Storm Scents, It”s True, You Can Smell Oncoming Summer Rain.

For the rest, Summers in Durban, South Africa, are actually too hot for me, so my best Seasons are Autumn and Spring.

Petrichor is the scent of rain on dry earth, or the scent of dust after rain. The word is constructed from Greek, petros, meaning ‘stone’ + ichor, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology. It is defined as “the distinctive scent which accompanies the first rain after a long warm dry spell.”



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