Flavor #32 – Ice-Cream Essence of Me – Ylang Yum

Flavor #32 – Ice-Cream Essence of Me – Ylang Yum

A local ice cream parlor invites you to create a new wacky flavor. It needs to channel the very essence of your personality. What’s in it?

Ylang Yum holds the essence of a haptic, textured passion and mystery, an embodiment of proprioception, the harmonious rendering of the nervous system as a whole, a kinesthetic wholeness. The yellowish tinge reminiscent of amber, things that are more than they seem, things that are within, a calming, an unspoken serenity, a gentle touch. To the lick it is smooth and cool, (almost minty), with a warmness from the underlying woodiness.

For the down at heart, for the fatigued, for those keen on a mind hop and shift, an awakening of the senses, try Ylang Yum today!

It is accompanied by Cool Water Sensual Essence should you want the whole package.

“The fragrance evokes the flavors of salt and sea on warm skin and the atmosphere of a beach sunset. Perfumer Nathalie Lorson tried to achieve this with notes of exotic flowers and vanilla. The top accords of the composition are bergamot and red fruits that lead to the floral heart of orchid and frangipani. The base rounds the fragrance with aromas of vanilla, musk and woods.”


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