Musical Marker – Sounds of Bon Iver

Musical Marker – Sounds of Bon Iver


We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?

The tranquil tones of Bon Iver, just discovered. In fact the whole album, For Emma, Forever Ago (debut album). Thank you Amber for the introduction. Crooning and yearning, sad and beautiful sounds for my passage time…in Winter… in South Africa…

I love Flume

and Lump Sum:

Here is part of a review on Pitchfork – head on over there to read more and some background to the album:

“Vernon gives a soulful performance full of intuitive swells and fades, his phrasing and pronunciation making his voice as much a purely sonic instrument as his guitar. In the discursive coda of “Creature Fear” he whittles the song down to a single repeated syllable– “fa.” Rarely does folk– indie or otherwise– give so much over to ambience: Quivering guitar strings, mic’ed closely, lend opener “Flume” its eerily interiorized sound, which matches his unsettling similes. “Lump Sum” begins with a choir of Vernons echoing cavernously, which, along with that rhythmically rushing guitar, initiates the listener into the song’s strange space…”

Image of Vernon playing in London. Wikimedia Commons Share Alike

This got me wondering, what was I listening to in 1977? I came across a lovely Throwback Machine at Hazzaz. Do you remember Fleetwood Mac and You Can go your Own Way?

How about Roger Hodgson from SuperTramp, with Give a Little Bit?

The Eagles, Hotel California?

Check it out it’s fun.


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