Matters of Taste: Sex and the City

Matters of Taste: Sex and the City

sex and the cityWhen was the last time a movie, a book, or a television show left you cold despite all your friends (and/or all the critics) raving about it? What was it that made you go against the critical consensus?

I really didn’t enjoy this series. I probably watched only two episodes. Despite the acclaim I found it uninteresting and uninspiring. I feel that it lacked depth and credibility, portraying a world far removed from the daily experiences of most women, but it failed to capture my attention. On the above website it was rated 6.9. I would rate it a 4.Β 



  1. Nooooo, not the Sex and the City…. πŸ˜›

    It was one of the few “american” series our TV bought so I really enjoyed in it, like they did with Friends, Cheers, Suddenly Susan, Full House, Mad About You, Perfect Strangers, The Cosby Show, Fresh Prince, The Nanny, Sabrina the Witch, Seinfield, Buffy, Roswell, Beverly Hills, Dawson’t Creek, Ally McBeal, English; Only Fools and Horses, Alo Alo and many more i can’t think off… They belong in the opus of my positive memory πŸ™‚ The classics if you want. It was the first time teenage me was watching sex scene starring Samantha who was everything I was thought a women can’t be. And that fact was liberating. I think we in Croatia all remember the scene when she has sex on a swing hahaha, at least the ones I asked about, even the guys. πŸ˜€

    Later growing up you realize the flaws but back then, it was perfect. A TV series. Nothing more real or fake than that. That is how we take it even today, after the movies. Like a good memory and light topic of conversation, and remember how we all were making our own four-girls cliche with our friends. πŸ˜€

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