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Thinking Like a Mountain quote by Arne Naess | Joy and Relation to Free Nature


I came across this quote from Arne Naess from Thinking Like a Mountain: Towards a Council of all Beings in Becoming Bamboo by R. Carter:

“As I see it we need the immense variety of the sources of joy opened through increased sensitivity toward the richness and diversity of life, through the profound cherishing of free natural landscapes…Part of the joy stems from the consciousness of our intimate relation to something bigger than our own ego, something which has endured for millions of years and is worth continued life for millions of years. The requisite care flows naturally if the self is widened and deepened so that protection of free nature is felt and conceived of as protection of our very selves.”

Mountain photo taken by Carol Knox from Trappieskop in Cape Town.

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What I Did | Easy Fix | And All was Right with the World

What I did when my coaching session was cancelled: ‪#‎BeachWalk‬‪ #‎CapeTown‬ ‪#‎SouthernPeninsula‬ The lovely mist on the mountain was so wistful in the wind. Lovely boat, shark flag and a duck amongst the gulls. My first walk on the beach since the stint with bronchitis. Just sat on the dune and absorbed the sea spray and sea air. “And all was right with the world.”

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Response to Daily Post Easy Fix

Photos taken by Carol Knox on a beach in Cape Town.

Feeling Down? Focus on Something you can Do, a Project or a Task that you can Accomplish


When feeling down, depressed or blue, something that characterizes these feelings, is that nothing seems meaningful, life seems colourless and bleak. According to Viktor Frankl, one way to get out of this mind set, or to change these feelings, is to focus on creative things that you can do, uncovering meaning through tasks that you can fulfill. By thinking of a project or task that you can accomplish, you orient yourself towards the future and have something to look forward to doing. If you happen to be feeling down or depressed, try to think of something that you can do, no matter how small. Then throw yourself into action to do it.

Photo by Carol Knox of the valley taken from Trappieskop, Kalk Bay, Cape Town.

The Unfurling of my Heart | A Young Woman’s Journey with Ayahuasca in Peru and the Amazon

IMG_3676 fade6

Do read the four beautiful experiences of this #YoungWoman, who journeyed alone to #Peru and the #Amazon. A journey of the heart. She encountered #LifeChanging experiences, #ReEnchantment, life meaning, with #Ayahuasca, in the most lovely, loving and life enhancing way. Do read these heart-rending and loving accounts of being true to yourself, facing your fears and living within the immediate experience of life. Someone who is trying to #actualize her #meaning in life.  A delightful read:

The Unfurling of my Heart 

“I embarked on my #journey alone with #courage and love in my heart thinking that not only would I be travelling to Peru alone but that I was going to have all my experiences alone.

I unexpectedly came across such beautiful and special people; I reconnected with my tribe and found my brothers along the way. Life is such a precious and sacred gift. Here’s to living with an open heart, being true to yourself, facing your fears, cultivating courage and love within your heart and living within the immediate experience of life, because that’s where pure joy dares to live.”

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Dream of a Tsunami and a Tornado | Interpretation?


I just had a dream of a tsunami suddenly appearing and engulfing my home with my three daughters inside. They were young children again. It was too late to do anything but just be in it. I looked out the window. The entire house had been lifted, there was the feeling of flying, it was quiet outside like the eye of the storm in a tornado, with water droplets dripping down quietly as if there was a soft rain and a wall of water in the distance. The girls were in their rooms and I called for them to come to my side of the house because the house began to topple and we needed more weight on the side where I was to get back into balance. They didn’t come. We were Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. With a gentle bump the house was put down again. When I walked outside I could see some damage but incredibly they were only cracks. The house looked storm worn but was intact as were we. We were in the same spot but facing a different direction. The landscape was wet as if by large waves rather than a tornado. Any ideas what this may mean?



Wave image from Wikimedia Commons at Freshwater Bay

The tornado is of an occluded mesocyclone tornado from Wikimedia Commons

Full Moon Gathering Sacred Tripod Kalk Bay Cape Town

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Full Moon Gathering Sacred Tripod Cape Town – I went. Sacred Earth Foundation of Southern Africa… Although I did not make it to the Tripod, I made it about 3/4 way up, it was spectacular! My bronchitis has left me kind of low in spirit and low in body, so I thought I was due for a pick me up and what better way. Unfortunately, my lungs constricted and I couldn’t breath, so I decided to come down. I think it was Conrad who brought up the rear and was helping with the walk, he very kindly helped and waited, giving a hand up when it got tough. Thanks very much for the patience. One kind of feels bad for holding others up too, so the only thing to do right then was to come back. I took a picture of where I sat when I couldn’t breath any more and then came down.

How beautiful it was walking down. I walked so quietly that once a bird flew right across the path in font of me and another time, one sang and twitterd right beside me in the bos. I held out my hand and let it run across the fynbos, which gave off a beautiful aroma, the vistas were stunning, in the distance I heard the voices of the others who had reached the tripod. Otherwise it was wind, vistas, fynbos, my steps and quiet. The light was changing and beautiful, as it changed the mood shifted, at one point I walked literally enveloped by fynbos. I focused on what was around me – a kind of walking meditation, touching and smelling. My mood certainly has lifted and my lungs are slowly clearing with the help of allopathic medicine bombs, heavy handed phamacology opening me up once a-gain. I think tonight I will sleep well and hopefully not feverishly. You can see Kalk Bay looking down, the sea was so still, it looked almost frozen and the other side of the mountain into the valley. This valley looked like coming over the Outeniqua pass from the side of the Karoo, breathtaking green and teeming life, when I drove towards Cape Town in November. Amazing. The full moon coming down the road towards my car and the pink sun set at 8pm. Thanks to Dean Liprini for organizing: I feel blessed!

Photos taken by Carol Knox.

— feeling happy.

Five Star Review from Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite | Belongings in the Sand

five star review

Kindle see inside belongings in the sand

Five star review for my short story: Belongings in the Sand: The Tale of the Red Heeled Shoes:
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite:

“Carol Knox’s short story, Belongings in the Sand: The Tale of the Red Heeled Shoes, is suspenseful and exciting. Her heroine is polished, urbane and successful at her business, but it is when she’s faced with danger that she becomes alive and in the moment. Knox’s plot swiftly propels the reader into her dilemma, and I could vividly envision the woman standing perplexed and tense by the side of the road.”

To read more follow the link above.

There’s More to Life than Happiness

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“…The wisdom that Frankl derived from his experiences there, [added…in the concentration camps] in the middle of unimaginable human suffering, is just as relevant now as it was then: ‘Being human always points, and is directed, to something or someone, other than oneself — be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter. The more one forgets himself — by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love — the more human he is.’ …”

Read more: The Atlantic

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Sloughed Off | How I Grew a New Skin Such a Magical Thing


In response to Daily Post | New Skin

As the little green Suzuki Alto entered the 2 600 foot  Outeniqua Mountain Pass in all its majesty, fecundity and wonder, a magical thing happened. Looking down at my arms, my right one in a spasm of carpel tunnel frigidity, my skin began to slough off, much like the dry skin peeling of a snake. My sight extended to a cartoon like vision of myself, a half crazed red-head, driving a tiny car bulging with stuff, a white rabbit in one of my magical extra hands and a bird-cage in the other. Somehow, entering this pass was like being squeezed from a womb through a birth canal, where I came out the other end with not only new skin, but a renewed awe, hope and enthusiasm for what was potentially to come. I was brand new! This indeed was a R. D. Laing landscape, a circuitous and twisted place, the primal journey of coming into being. A true renewal and metamorphosis, and I thought in the words attributed to Francois Rabelais:


Image from Wikimedia Commons
See Janus Head for more on Laing See also Laing’s Language of Experience

Daily Post | New Year’s Eve 2014 | Warmth

new years eve 2014

I would like to share the warm feeling I experienced when looking out over my new home area in Fish Hoek, in the Western Cape, South Africa. These were taken on New Year’s Eve. You can see the Christmas tree at the top of the road. Response to Daily Post: Warmth

Photo taken by Carol Knox