Dream of a Tsunami and a Tornado | Interpretation?


I just had a dream of a tsunami suddenly appearing and engulfing my home with my three daughters inside. They were young children again. It was too late to do anything but just be in it. I looked out the window. The entire house had been lifted, there was the feeling of flying, it was quiet outside like the eye of the storm in a tornado, with water droplets dripping down quietly as if there was a soft rain and a wall of water in the distance. The girls were in their rooms and I called for them to come to my side of the house because the house began to topple and we needed more weight on the side where I was to get back into balance. They didn’t come. We were Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. With a gentle bump the house was put down again. When I walked outside I could see some damage but incredibly they were only cracks. The house looked storm worn but was intact as were we. We were in the same spot but facing a different direction. The landscape was wet as if by large waves rather than a tornado. Any ideas what this may mean?



Wave image from Wikimedia Commons at Freshwater Bay

The tornado is of an occluded mesocyclone tornado from Wikimedia Commons


What do you think?

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