Thinking Like a Mountain quote by Arne Naess | Joy and Relation to Free Nature


I came across this quote from Arne Naess from Thinking Like a Mountain: Towards a Council of all Beings in Becoming Bamboo by R. Carter:

“As I see it we need the immense variety of the sources of joy opened through increased sensitivity toward the richness and diversity of life, through the profound cherishing of free natural landscapes…Part of the joy stems from the consciousness of our intimate relation to something bigger than our own ego, something which has endured for millions of years and is worth continued life for millions of years. The requisite care flows naturally if the self is widened and deepened so that protection of free nature is felt and conceived of as protection of our very selves.”

Mountain photo taken by Carol Knox from Trappieskop in Cape Town.

Thinking Like a Mountain on Amazon


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