Wild Robberg Nature Reserve in Plettenberg Bay and a Disappointment after 38 Years

My hair is literally standing upright in the wind. Wild, windy, beautiful! My eyes are streaming. A brief visit. K is excitedly snapping pictures and an old friend I have not seen in 38 years, is standing back and looking on. I had felt such anticipation in seeing him, he had always been very kind and sweet. Interesting how he had changed little and seemed simultaneously distant, if not quite unfriendly. In the three short days, K and I were blown off for a lunch, with a decided reluctance on his part to help carry some heavy luggage in the beginning and at the end, I kind of felt disillusioned with him. Curious how he walked ahead and offered no hand ups or assistance over rocky patches. I had more help on a hike here in Cape Town, from a complete stranger. Many things had changed indeed in all this time.

With the wind whipping in my face, K’s joy in the place was so endearing and wonderful to see. Her “upliftment”, uplifted me, her smile was so bright and unconstrained, so open. I felt exhilarated by the place if not by the company of the person I had not seen in so long. We were able to see the seals in the distance and listen to their squeals and honking. I am delighted that I had the opportunity to experience this exquisite beauty, trudge along paths and clamber over rocks, with expanses of dune and white beach. Plettenberg Bay I would give a miss on the whole, I found the town pretentious.

20141025_101539 20141025_101526(1) 20141025_101442(1)

Robberg Nature Reserve

Photos taken by K October, 2014.

This photo of Robberg Nature Reserve is courtesy of TripAdvisor


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