Awe | Cape Town Fires Devastate Large Areas


Early today the fire coming over the mountain into Fish Hoek 6am and now 9:30 am. This morning I awoke to the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town burning wildly, with yesterdays fires spreading and causing closure of main roads to and from the Peninsula. Feeling awe – being a feeling of amazement and fascination, invoked by something outside of our usual understanding. We most commonly experience this through spiritual experiences, nature and art. It is amazing how things can change so quickly. Thinking of all those battling the fires and all the living creatures affected by these terrible fires. Great work being done by all the Firefighters, volunteers and countless helpers. Staying away so as not to block access roads for emergency teams.

One realizes in these moments how quickly things can change. A sharp and stark reminder to cherish the moments in the now. Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ


Image from Wikipedia

Time lapse posted by Jason Kamera.

Image from Wikimedia Commons, not of the Cape Fires #MuizenbergFire but of Invergarry in April 2013.

EyeWitnessNews UPDATE: Fires rage in Cape Town’s deep south #MuizenbergFire



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