Month: April 2015

Like “Sea Glass” One Recent Cold Morning

Reminds me of Heather Nova’s use of like “sea glass”, on a cold rainy morning, over the sea, vast, still, desolate. Here is the music to go with it – the wave came all the way from Africa “and all the things that I forgot that I could feel …all I want is to live as clear as sea glass”:

Photos of False Bay by Carol Knox one recent morning in April, 2015. View from my veranda.

20150414_075749 20150411_075303 20150414_075753


The Existential Vacuum – Are we the Hollow Men?

In the poem by T. S. Eliot, The Hollow Men, he has this to say:

“We are the hollow men, we are the stuffed men,

Leaning together,

Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!

Shape without form, shade without colour,

Paralyzed force, gesture without motion…”

From an existentialist point of view, contemporary man has alienated himself/herself from others and from him/herself. The world has become a kind of theatre of the absurd, unreal and meaningless. Does our meaning in life depend too much on what we do and what we have rather than on who we are?

Viktor Frankl described the human condition as an “existential vacuum”, where man is bored and frustrated because of the failure to discover and live a meaningful existence.


Image from Wikimedia Commons