Top 20 Posts ~ January to June 2015

800px-Canada's_fireworks_at_the_2013_Celebration_of_Light_in_Vancouver,_BCI would like to share my top posts for the past six months, it is always useful and important to see what resonates with readers:

“May all beings have happiness… | Buddhist Quote”
13 Self-Reflection Tasks for a Viktor Frankl and Logotherapy Workshop #Longreads
An Ounce of Home Mini Buddhist Altar Travel Kit
Dream of a Tsunami and a Tornado | Interpretation?
The Normal | The Fallacy of Normalcy | No Wish to be Normal
Depression and Hope – The Danny Baker Story
“I Go to Seek a Great Perhaps – Attributed to François Rabelais”
Happy New Year 2015 | Mindfulness Project Free Resources for You
Sloughed Off | How I Grew a New Skin Such a Magical Thing
“A Rockpile Ceases to be a Rockpile the Moment a Single Man Contemplates It… ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery”
Object Lesson – My Buddhist Mala or Prayer Beads
Alan Watts | The Greatest Skill of All
There’s More to Life than Happiness
I Had a Black Dog, His Name was Depression | WHO Video Message of Hope
The Unfurling of my Heart | A Young Woman’s Journey with Ayahuasca in Peru and the Amazon
Belongings in the Sand
Feeling Down? Focus on Something you can Do, a Project or a Task that you can Accomplish
The Existential Vacuum – Are we the Hollow Men?
Sea Gulls Surfing and Fishing and Other Birds on Fish Hoek Beach
Inspiration | HardCore Zen | The Question of Suicide

These three have the same number of readers as the Inspiration post:

Daily Post | New Year’s Eve 2014 | Warmth
If Spanish be the Food of Love Speak On!
Reviving Bricks

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