Song of Reminding Oneself – Bardo Song

2015-08-23 13.21.57

Here is an amazing song about the states of the Bardo, that I came across today, I just love it. It is about life and death. It reminds us to use everyday situations and experiences to improve and liberate our minds. I highly recommend the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

“Tibetan buddhism refers to the six Bardo’s as transitional states; the bardo of this lifetime, the bardo of dreaming, the bardo of meditation, the bardo of dying, the bardo of dharmata, and the bardo of becoming.” See VajraSound

This is also beautifully expressed at Levekunst where you can read the transcript of the audio.

Picture of spring flowers taken just outside of Porterville West Coast Cape Town September 2015.



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