Month: December 2015

Finding Meaning in Suffering ~ 30-Day Online Program

Calming the Storm Program 2.jpg

See this Scientific American article on finding meaning in suffering, highlighting useful insights from research on “post-traumatic growth” by Kasley Killam:…/how-to-find-meaning-in…/

By searching for good in something terrible or painful, Killam points out how this adversity can act as a “…catalyst for advancing to a higher level of psychological functioning.” These struggles can be a springboard to reach “…greater meaning and transformation.”

Check out my online 30-Day program, recently launched, which takes you step by step through a process to discover meaning in difficult times: Calming the Storm: How Discovering Meaning Can Change Your Life here. Use the following coupon code to get the 25% launch discount US 75 ~ coupon code: carolknoxcalmingthestorm1:

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