Audio Story

Belongings in the Sand – The Tale of the Red-Heeled Shoes

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Audio story available on AmblingBooks

A fictional audio short story of 27 minutes. A tale of misadventure, from the desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the journeys between. A journey like a Kafka joke, could this be real? Juxtaposition of ordinary and surreal. Would I be able to escape unharmed? What was to become of me?”Frightened, I stood, surrounded by my few belongings. I couldn’t help but stare at the sand covering the toes of my new shoes, black, pointy toed, with a flash of red at the heel. Like me–just a flash of the possibility of intrigue. The heat feels like 40 degrees. Cars careen by at outrageous speeds, but this is only in the periphery of my consciousness. There is nothing but sand and freeway and two individuals arguing in a language I can’t understand. Two cars parked at an angle at the edge of the bleak desert. My mind can hardly grasp the reality of what has happened. So far from home, I am frozen in the sand. Were I to see myself from above, I might look like a modern day gargoyle. All I can think in that moment of me staring is: “…oh, my new shoes are getting ruined. If only I had worn my black takkies.” Nothing else seemed possible. No running, no fighting would help me now.Read by James Blackburn “Music: Song title –” royalty free music. Cover art by Sabrina Gennari Edited by Amber Knox. Co-editor Micheal Robert Leask.Available in several other places and distributed by Tunecore, see my post: How and Where to Publish an Audio Version of your Short Story – Part 2


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