How and Where to Publish an Audio Version of Your Short Story – Part 1

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Some time ago I learnt how to self-publish an ebook through Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It was surprisingly easy. I had trawled websites for weeks trying to find the right system. A lot of information was out of date and some very difficult to understand and achieve, in terms of formatting requirements. Most were cumbersome and stripped all formatting out of your document, or required document formats that I did not have access to, so of course the KDP word option was like stumbling on a diamond. My short story is entitled: Belongings in the Sand. The Tale of the Red-Heeled Shoes. I found purchasing a template from Joel Friedlander from the Book Designer most helpful for the inbuilt easy layout. I had felt I needed to write this story and my main motivation was and still is, to “get it out there” and to find out how to do it. I needed to write this story.

Then I came to the realisation that audio is a wonderful way to make the story available to busy people, who need some light adventure reading/listening. It has been a long hard road to discover, not only how to do this in a cost effective way, but also, where to sell it once complete. The Amazon and audio option of Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACE) and then Audible, is only available in certain countries. Finding alternatives has been a depressing scour. Further, I needed to find a voice over specialist who could do the narration for me and I wanted to add background music. I was despairing at the high cost of this until I found Fiverr. Here you can find an ideal voice over artist for 5 dollars, with the option of adding extra services. I was elated and found the voice I needed. I wanted a male, with a British accent. This is in process.

Then I searched for someone to design the cover. This is still in process. I have found someone whose work I love, but we are still negotiating. I want an original, eye catching design. This I have also found on Fiverr. It is very exciting and I can’t wait to see the final result.

Here is a link to a Fiverr How To video:

I will cover further in a Part 2, what the CD cover design worked out like, my experience, how the voice over has finally worked out and where to send your audios once done. I hope that this will be helpful for you. So get on the bicycle and give it a try. Best of luck!

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How to Reduce Stress | Readers’ Favorite Review

See my Self-help ebook How to Reduce Stress: Simple Techniques for Reducing Stress available on Amazon here. Great to buy especially over the Festive Season, which can be stressful.


See my Readers’ Favorite 4 star review here

Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ Favorite

“This world is full of things that can throw you for a loop and bring up the huge stress monster in all of us. We can’t avoid things like bad bosses, job loss, money troubles, children misbehaving, and many many more. Yet there has to be a way to cope with all of the stress that life throws your way without having a big blow out or breakdown. How to Reduce Stress: Simple Techniques for Reducing Stress by Carol Knox is the answer to dealing with the stress in your daily life and offers simple, real-world techniques to bring stress down to a manageable level any time or anywhere. It is clear that Carol Knox is educated on the matter and has done her research on the subject. You can tell through her tone and the way she writes for her audience that she has a very deep sense of caring for people and sincerely wants to help them deal with their stresses…”

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Shaking Up and Giving Up | A New Life


Having encountered Dr Viktor Frankl in studying the Introductory course in Logotherapy at the University of South Africa, (UNISA), in  2012 and meeting Dr Teria Shantall at the workshop, I discovered my own vehicle to unfolding my meaning. At the time I was not sure how this would unfold. I really wanted to become a Logotherapist, but was not in the financial position to continue with the other courses offered at UNISA. In the time since then I have been in the process of paring down, which began with the letting out of my home. I moved in with my sister and then into a tiny “cupboard” as I put my house on the market, sold it and waited for my funds to come through. During this time of waiting and paring down, I worked on a fictional short story: Belongings in the Sand: The Tale of the Red Heeled Shoes, and a small How to Guide on How to Reduce Stress, which I learnt how to publish as an ebook through BookBaby, which is nearing completion and due for submission to BookBaby for distribution.

As I struggled with the confines of the small space and many disruptions and lack of peace and quiet while living in my “cupboard”, I came to the idea to do a PHD to work with sufferers of trauma and PTSD. The underlying inspiration for this came from my relationship with Brett Pelser, who suffered so from depression and what I feel was PTSD. Finally and tragically he committed suicide. The idea also is deeply inspired by Logotherapy and Viktor Frankl. I really feel that trauma sufferers experience an existential crisis, their world no longer makes sense, they have no language to speak this senselessness, this schism in their very being and at the heart of their lives. My journey has taken me across the country to the Western Cape, which has the highest trauma statistics in the country. I have been accepted to do this PHD through UNISA and the Psychology Department. Things are uncertain for me in terms of creating an income to support myself and this study. I am staying in the moment, being positive and looking forward to new opportunities. A new life, a revealing and unfolding, the time is now.

Image of the beach five minutes from my new space. Courtesy Carol Knox.

Title Competition – Creating a Course in Meaning Making | Meaning Unfolding – Anyone?

I am creating a course around Meaning Making or Meaning/Purpose Unfolding. There are those who say that a lack of meaning is a crisis of our current times. I would like to develop a catchy title, something like:

Meaning in Uncertain Times

The person who develops the best title will get a free copy of my ebook: How to Reduce Stress. I have until Saturday 16th to finalise my title.

I would really appreciate the input of my wordpress reading community. Take a look at the tags to get some ideas.

Also see my post Provocation to Meaning

Thanks so much in advance.

How to Reduce Stress – Using Simple Techniques

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My ebook on Lulu: How to Reduce Stress – Reducing Stress with Simple Techniques.

1. What is stress and how does it effect physical and emotional health?

2. Look at ways to cope with stress

3. Use mindfulness meditation techniques

4. Create positive and meaningful personal contacts

5. Explore ways to create emotional health.

In this course/ebook you will learn to identify stress, establish what situations, thoughts or feelings stress you out and learn ways to reduce this stress. Identifying mind traps, will help you to become more aware of your thinking patterns and enable you to be more mindful of them, allowing you to increase your resilience to stressors and life difficulties.


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