Like “Sea Glass” One Recent Cold Morning

Reminds me of Heather Nova’s use of like “sea glass”, on a cold rainy morning, over the sea, vast, still, desolate. Here is the music to go with it – the wave came all the way from Africa “and all the things that I forgot that I could feel …all I want is to live as clear as sea glass”:

Photos of False Bay by Carol Knox one recent morning in April, 2015. View from my veranda.

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Image taken by Carol Knox on #FishHoek Beach, in #CapeTown South Africa.

Sea Gulls Surfing and Fishing and Other Birds on Fish Hoek Beach

Fish Hoek beach with sea gulls surfing since yesterday, fishing away. Other birds like pigeons benefiting as well. Thursday morning beach walk. Low tide 8a.m. Studies in silver, blue, brown and grey. The sheer joy of a black dog running in the water.

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Photographs by Carol Knox.

Full Moon Gathering Sacred Tripod Kalk Bay Cape Town

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Full Moon Gathering Sacred Tripod Cape Town – I went. Sacred Earth Foundation of Southern Africa https://www.facebook.com/SacredSitesFoundationOfSouthernAfr… Although I did not make it to the Tripod, I made it about 3/4 way up, it was spectacular! My bronchitis has left me kind of low in spirit and low in body, so I thought I was due for a pick me up and what better way. Unfortunately, my lungs constricted and I couldn’t breath, so I decided to come down. I think it was Conrad who brought up the rear and was helping with the walk, he very kindly helped and waited, giving a hand up when it got tough. Thanks very much for the patience. One kind of feels bad for holding others up too, so the only thing to do right then was to come back. I took a picture of where I sat when I couldn’t breath any more and then came down.

How beautiful it was walking down. I walked so quietly that once a bird flew right across the path in font of me and another time, one sang and twitterd right beside me in the bos. I held out my hand and let it run across the fynbos, which gave off a beautiful aroma, the vistas were stunning, in the distance I heard the voices of the others who had reached the tripod. Otherwise it was wind, vistas, fynbos, my steps and quiet. The light was changing and beautiful, as it changed the mood shifted, at one point I walked literally enveloped by fynbos. I focused on what was around me – a kind of walking meditation, touching and smelling. My mood certainly has lifted and my lungs are slowly clearing with the help of allopathic medicine bombs, heavy handed phamacology opening me up once a-gain. I think tonight I will sleep well and hopefully not feverishly. You can see Kalk Bay looking down, the sea was so still, it looked almost frozen and the other side of the mountain into the valley. This valley looked like coming over the Outeniqua pass from the side of the Karoo, breathtaking green and teeming life, when I drove towards Cape Town in November. Amazing. The full moon coming down the road towards my car and the pink sun set at 8pm. Thanks to Dean Liprini for organizing: https://www.facebook.com/events/745128188912923/?ref=22 I feel blessed!

Photos taken by Carol Knox.

— feeling happy.

There’s More to Life than Happiness

IMG_3667 fade

“…The wisdom that Frankl derived from his experiences there, [added…in the concentration camps] in the middle of unimaginable human suffering, is just as relevant now as it was then: ‘Being human always points, and is directed, to something or someone, other than oneself — be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter. The more one forgets himself — by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love — the more human he is.’ …”

Read more: The Atlantic

Image from free downloads at Creative Market

Daily Post | Gone with the Windfall | Mom’s Rose Cottage

Gone with the Windfall | Mom’s Rose Cottage

You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?

I would buy my Mom this cottage:

mom rose cottage

Image from Wikipedia 

“May all beings have happiness…” | Buddhist Quote


“May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness

May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering

May all beings never be parted from freedom’s true joy

May all beings dwell in equanimity free from attachment and aversion.”

– traditional Buddhist prayer.

Image purchased at Creative Market: Huge Nature Photo Pack

Dream Teacher | Teachings of the Buddha


Dream Teacher | Teachings of the Buddha

You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. Who’s your teacher, and what do they teach you?

I would like to have sat at the feet of the Buddha to hear the early teachings.

“The kind of seed sown 
 will produce that kind of fruit. 
 Those who do good will reap good results. 
 Those who do evil will reap evil results. 
 If you carefully plant a good seed, 
 You will joyfully gather good fruit.”


This is because of the profound effect these teachings have had on me. The Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths & the Eightfold Path:

Buddha delivered his first teaching. It is called “Turning the Wheel of the Dharma” and “Dharma” is the truth he discovered. He began to tell the five monks that they must know that there are Four Noble Truths from Buddha Mind Info:

1. Noble Truth of Suffering

“Chasing after the delights of the world, expecting them to bring lasting pleasure, always leads to disappointment. These things are all subject to the miseries of birth, old age, sickness and death. Even when you do find something pleasant how soon do you grow tired of it? None of these ‘things’ offer any real satisfaction or peace.

2 Noble Truth of the Cause of Suffering

Not being able to be content with what we have or who we are, our mind is filled with a greed or desire and suffering of all types automatically follows. This attitude of selfishness and greediness is the cause of our dissatisfaction, robbing us of our peace of mind.

3. Noble Truth of the End of Suffering

Seeing the suffering that comes from these attitudes we are liberated from our heart and all our suffering and dissatisfaction will come to an end. We shall experience a happiness that is far greater then our ordinary pleasures and a peace that is beyond words.

4. Noble Truth of the Middle Path or the Nobel Eightfold Path

This path leads to the end of all suffering. If we avoid harming all other living beings, if we sharpen and focus our mind, and if we gain wisdom, each of us can reach perfect happiness, the end of all misery. The way to end suffering is to follow the  Noble Eightfold Path namely:

Right Understanding
Right Thought
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Concentration.”


The Reclining Buddha

The Reclining Buddha


For me, to receive these teachings and others directly from the Buddha, would be the ultimate teachings. From these teachings I find my purpose and my meaning.

Image courtesy Carol Knox.


See BuddhaMind

For free teachings see the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive

Futures Past | Oh What I Wanted to Be | Is Our Society Insane?


Futures Past | Oh What I Wanted to Be | Is Our Society Insane? 

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?

I am reading R. D. Laing: The Divided Self as a teen and I am entranced by the possibility of an Anti-Psychiatry movement. I see how an insane society bends and constrains us, the population, within Western Culture, to fit a consumerist and psychological norm, which is so far from what could really be called “sane” that we are profoundly maladjusted and in fact insane.

Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

In The Sane Society the Pathology of Normalcy is mentioned by Erick Fromm, he writes:

“It is naively assumed that the fact that the majority of people share certain ideas or feelings proves the validity of these ideas and feelings. Nothing is further from the truth. Consensual validation as such has no bearing whatsoever on reason or mental health. Just as there is a folie à deux (a madness shared by two) there is a folie à millions. The fact that millions of people share the same vices does not make these vices virtues, the fact that they share so many errors does not make the errors to be truths, and the fact that millions of people share the same mental pathology does not make these people sane.” (p14)

Did I become a Psychologist? I wanted so to help those experiencing profound life crises. No, for various reasons, more’s the pity. However, I have found Logotherapy and see myself as a Logotherapist in the future, amongst other things.

My new vision is of myself giving therapy from my home, surrounded by roses and herb gardens, having become a writer and continuing my online and mindfulness training and teaching. The focus of Logotherapy is on meaning, rather than adjustment. This is my path to my own meaning, into the future.

According to Viktor Frankl, meaning can be found through, (presuppose the spark for life meaning, to make man capable of what they can become, elicit/make a person become what he in principle is capable of becoming), found in Psychology Today:

  • Creativity or giving something to the world through self- expression,
  • Experiencing the world by interacting authentically with our environment and with others, and
  • Changing our attitude when we are faced with a situation or circumstance that we cannot change.


Header Image purchased at Creative Market – Huge Nature Photo Set. One license only. View cool stuff to purchase.

DAILY POST | MEMORY ON THE MENU | Quintessence of Taste

Daily Prompt Writing Task: Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?

Gourmet Delights | Quintessence of Taste

The Koeksister: Sweet, divine and twisted, oozing drippiness delight, guaranteed to create a haze of sweetness | Walking on a balmy day, smiling, almost skipping, picking mulberries along the Dusi, flowing skirts, long hair, the sweet purpley twistedness staining our mouths and baskets.
Image below and recipe link from Justeasyrecipies.



The Sago Pudding: Hazy warmth and hugs, boerekos from the kitchen that couldn’t turn around | Tiny plump loving pouring forth from Ouma’s long past days.
Sago Pudding image and recipe from MyCookBook South Africa.


The Pickled Onion: Sharp sourness, guaranteed to create involuntary face contortions as the cheeks suck in | Sharp, now, unlikliness of encounter created, unfolded by the dream and firefly sight.

Not either or, but AND…



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Acceptance as a Tool to Overcome a Crisis in Living


What have I learnt from the painful experience of giving up the custody of my daughter?

For me the biggest lesson was to come to a place of acceptance. Sacrifice has a purpose and is never meaningless. The power of accepting circumstances that are created outside of one’s control is liberating.

Has it given me new tasks and challenges?

The tasks have been focused on healing. It is important for me to talk about these issues. It has taken a lot of talking to get to a place of greater equanimity, but it is in this talking that one heals. I feel that things should be spoken and should not remain hidden. In this way one can look at things in the light of the spoken word.

Has it made me a stronger more perceptive person?

Yes, I would say definitely. It has also made me aware that one has to be careful about the choices that one makes and what one brings into one’s life. This also applies to who one brings into one’s life. This makes me a much more cautious person.

Can I use this experience to help others?

Yes, I think I can. I think it can translate to any loss. When I had a Reiki practice interestingly enough, people used to ask for help with grief and to help them go forward with their lives out of bad or difficult situations. I had instances where people were able to make big changes in their lives after receiving Reiki. I think in many ways, coming to a place of acceptance is a key to seeing new possibilities for going forward.

Can the way I endure my situation serve as an example to others?

This question is difficult to answer. I find it hard to hold my behaviour up as an example for others. I am a flawed human being just like anyone else who is trying to do the right thing in life. I make mistakes. Our Gashela has said, “still you must try.” So all I can say is, I just try.

Does this experience make me appreciate things I have taken for granted?

I think we need to be constantly aware of the things that are important and meaningful. We should not need to have a crisis or sorrow to think about what is real and important. We need to have an attitude of appreciation and realise that life is precious and temporary.

What choices do I still have?

I think in the living of life there are daily, even moment-by-moment choices. So to say, what choices I still have would be difficult. What I can say is that I need to continue to make careful choices and to do that in the now while looking to the future. By being future directed, I am in a sense creating my future. I try to remain in a spirit of hopefulness. Yes, some days are easier than others but the words of my Geshela come to mind: “Still, you must try”. Day by day moment by moment to be here now looking towards what can still be. Viktor Frankl in his darkest moments, used to think about what he could still achieve. The warm lecture theater of the future, where he visualised himself speaking.

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