The Unfurling of my Heart | A Young Woman’s Journey with Ayahuasca in Peru and the Amazon

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Do read the four beautiful experiences of this #YoungWoman, who journeyed alone to #Peru and the #Amazon. A journey of the heart. She encountered #LifeChanging experiences, #ReEnchantment, life meaning, with #Ayahuasca, in the most lovely, loving and life enhancing way. Do read these heart-rending and loving accounts of being true to yourself, facing your fears and living within the immediate experience of life. Someone who is trying to #actualize her #meaning in life.  A delightful read:

The Unfurling of my Heart 

“I embarked on my #journey alone with #courage and love in my heart thinking that not only would I be travelling to Peru alone but that I was going to have all my experiences alone.

I unexpectedly came across such beautiful and special people; I reconnected with my tribe and found my brothers along the way. Life is such a precious and sacred gift. Here’s to living with an open heart, being true to yourself, facing your fears, cultivating courage and love within your heart and living within the immediate experience of life, because that’s where pure joy dares to live.”

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How to Meditate

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Handy quick How to Meditate guide available on Amazon. This How To also includes the benefits and some definitions of mindfulness. Image taken by Carol Knox.

How to Reduce Stress | Readers’ Favorite Review

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“This world is full of things that can throw you for a loop and bring up the huge stress monster in all of us. We can’t avoid things like bad bosses, job loss, money troubles, children misbehaving, and many many more. Yet there has to be a way to cope with all of the stress that life throws your way without having a big blow out or breakdown. How to Reduce Stress: Simple Techniques for Reducing Stress by Carol Knox is the answer to dealing with the stress in your daily life and offers simple, real-world techniques to bring stress down to a manageable level any time or anywhere. It is clear that Carol Knox is educated on the matter and has done her research on the subject. You can tell through her tone and the way she writes for her audience that she has a very deep sense of caring for people and sincerely wants to help them deal with their stresses…”

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How to Reduce Stress – Using Simple Techniques

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My ebook on Lulu: How to Reduce Stress – Reducing Stress with Simple Techniques.

1. What is stress and how does it effect physical and emotional health?

2. Look at ways to cope with stress

3. Use mindfulness meditation techniques

4. Create positive and meaningful personal contacts

5. Explore ways to create emotional health.

In this course/ebook you will learn to identify stress, establish what situations, thoughts or feelings stress you out and learn ways to reduce this stress. Identifying mind traps, will help you to become more aware of your thinking patterns and enable you to be more mindful of them, allowing you to increase your resilience to stressors and life difficulties.


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