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“This too Shall Pass” | Endure


I would like to share with you the significance of this proverb for me, which may be helpful for you. In all things and in all difficulties, this simple proverb can really help one to be still. To be in the moment. No matter what the experience, whether pain or pleasure, it enhances the quality of one’s life to keep this in mind. It has the potential to bring profound change, simply knowing pain or difficulty will pass, (really knowing), pleasure too will pass and therefore needs to be truly savored. All things are impermanent. Let things be, be mindful of their qualities, accept. Be, be still. I can think here of the words of Kathleen Raine in Rock:

“There is stone in me that knows stone

Whose sole state is stasis,

While the slow cycle of the stars whirls a world of rock

Through light-years where in nightmare I fall crying

‘Must I travel fathomless distance for ever and ever?’

All that is in me of the rock replies,

‘For ever, if it must be; be, and be still; endure’.”

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The Felt Weight


“She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom.” 

― Nathaniel HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter

I can say, that for me the release after the weight comes in moments, some of which I record here and will add to in time:

Sitting in a green cafe amidst Bangkok, soft light, sparkling glass, tranquil surrounds, beans seen through a glass-topped table, staring into the tangle of flyovers, concrete, cars and every transport mode known to man, realising the reality of the tranquil space, insulated in the muted sounds and air-conditioning, my daughter beside me – “we are doing it”. Ahaa, the reality of the freedom and the choice. The lived felt juxtaposition of chaos and tranquility.

The back of a small motorbike, whizzing around a tiny Thai town, can do, can do. Having noticed a woman at the boarder crossing into Laos, now on the back of her bike. Once crossed I walked with the weight of my backpack digging into my shoulders, eventually finding a small place in Wien Tien with a lovely courtyard. Sitting there, I saw the same woman and spoke to her in Afrikaans: “Ja wragtig ek dink jy is van Suid Afrika, (yes, I really think you are from South Africa)”. And yes, she was, of all places to find a fellow South African. How we laughed till tears fell that day and the next. How these moments lent an appreciation for small things, a cool room, tepid shower water, someone to laugh with from home, and the possibilities. Ahaa the freedom, the absence of weight.

Moving, boxes and chaos, empty spaces, exhaustion, emotional disarray, loss. How to cope? Thinking, I can apply what I know from meditation, I can label the emotion, name it, then think of it as if a cloud, passing over and dissipating, a watershed moment, again and again I did this, applied to life’s streams it gradually became easier to be more resilient, to lose the weight of the felt moment, by accepting, by letting go and simply being, knowing, really feeling it in my pores, that this moment too shall pass. Ahaa, the absence of weight. Be and be still. Meaning unfolding.

A Bangkok Park – Swamped by birds, the moments:

bangkok park swamped by birds


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