dark wolf

Facing and Diving Into Fear, a Process of Befriending

black wolfToday at a talk I was reminded of these words by the gentle Christoph:

“Life is not a void to be filled. It is a plenitude to be discovered.” Christoph Eberhard.

What resonated with me so strongly was the talk of facing one’s fear, the “dark wolf”/dark night of the soul, the talk about going deeply into it, until one reaches that moment of the “crack” or the break, like a twig snapping. Once one has faced it, dived deeply into it, snapped, one can befriend it, one can really become whole, a plenitude, a messiness, a non-polarity, a non-dichotomy, able to hold mutually exclusive things together. Thank you Nathan Raaths.

Image found at: Pinterest: The Call of the Wild