How and Where to Publish an Audio Version of your Short Story – Part 2

Here is the feedback that I promised in Part 1. I made use of services on Fiverr in order to develop my audio story: Belongings in the Sand: The Tale of the Red-Heeled Shoes.

My voice over specialist was James Blackburn a UK voice over artist, who was fast and an absolute pleasure to work with. For any voice over work you might need, I would highly recommend James. Here is a sample audio on Soundcloud, where I have also made use of the buy button.

My cover art for the CD was created by Sabrina Gennari from Fiverr. Her work is fantastic and she also redesigned the cover for my ebook on Amazon. My collaboration with Sabrina was great, with open communication and she was responsive to suggestions and requests. See the images below:

Front12x12_300dpi (1)

back15x12_300dpi (1)

I then began looking around for ways to publish the audio and where this could be done as an independent publisher. This was very difficult. Audible is not available in South Africa, so I had to find other ways. Many sites are now no longer accepting submissions from independent publishers. So I looked at distributing it through music sites, as spoken word. I looked at CDBaby and Tunecore.

I chose Tunecore. My audio story needed to be distributed as an album, because it is 27 minutes long. This will cost you US29.99 for the first year and US49.99 for the second year. It cost me in total  45US for distribution to the following stores, plus Facebook Audio Recognition and Youtube Music Key revenue gathering:  YouTube Music Key, iTunes, (not available in South Africa), Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Rdio, Deezeer, xbox music, eMusic, Symfy Africa, iheart radio, Mixradio, medianet, VerveLife, Tidal, Gracenote, 7digital,  Juke, JB HiFi, Slacker, Guvera, KKbox, Akazoo,  Anghami, Spinlet, Neurotic Media, Yandex, Target Music, ClaroMusica, Zvooq, Saaven, 8tracks, NMusic, Amazon on Demand.

See my screen shots below:

tunecore screen shot 2

tunecore screen shot1

Here are screenshots of the other stores I have found the audio story in:








amazon mp3

I have then published the audio story myself on:

Gumroad a very easy interface and user friendly site.

Sellfy easy to use.

Ambling books they were fantastic and uploaded quickly after only one query:

ambling books 1

ambling books 2

I am monitoring the other stores for the distribution of the audio story. I will keep you updated in another post.

I am inquiring into Scribd and this is in process, since they now accept audio stories and books. It was not possible to use Selz in South Africa. Big Cartel and Pully were confusing. EJunkie requires a US 5 per month fee for 20 products or less. I am also exploring TeachOutLoud, but this is not final yet.

I hope that my experiences are of use to you in your quest to publish your audio story or book.


How and Where to Publish an Audio Version of Your Short Story – Part 1

ride the bicycle

Some time ago I learnt how to self-publish an ebook through Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It was surprisingly easy. I had trawled websites for weeks trying to find the right system. A lot of information was out of date and some very difficult to understand and achieve, in terms of formatting requirements. Most were cumbersome and stripped all formatting out of your document, or required document formats that I did not have access to, so of course the KDP word option was like stumbling on a diamond. My short story is entitled: Belongings in the Sand. The Tale of the Red-Heeled Shoes. I found purchasing a template from Joel Friedlander from the Book Designer most helpful for the inbuilt easy layout. I had felt I needed to write this story and my main motivation was and still is, to “get it out there” and to find out how to do it. I needed to write this story.

Then I came to the realisation that audio is a wonderful way to make the story available to busy people, who need some light adventure reading/listening. It has been a long hard road to discover, not only how to do this in a cost effective way, but also, where to sell it once complete. The Amazon and audio option of Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACE) and then Audible, is only available in certain countries. Finding alternatives has been a depressing scour. Further, I needed to find a voice over specialist who could do the narration for me and I wanted to add background music. I was despairing at the high cost of this until I found Fiverr. Here you can find an ideal voice over artist for 5 dollars, with the option of adding extra services. I was elated and found the voice I needed. I wanted a male, with a British accent. This is in process.

Then I searched for someone to design the cover. This is still in process. I have found someone whose work I love, but we are still negotiating. I want an original, eye catching design. This I have also found on Fiverr. It is very exciting and I can’t wait to see the final result.

Here is a link to a Fiverr How To video:

I will cover further in a Part 2, what the CD cover design worked out like, my experience, how the voice over has finally worked out and where to send your audios once done. I hope that this will be helpful for you. So get on the bicycle and give it a try. Best of luck!

Image from Creative Market where you can also find great stuff.

How to Reduce Stress – Using Simple Techniques

14183308_cover_how to reduce stress-page-001 (1)

My ebook on Lulu: How to Reduce Stress – Reducing Stress with Simple Techniques.

1. What is stress and how does it effect physical and emotional health?

2. Look at ways to cope with stress

3. Use mindfulness meditation techniques

4. Create positive and meaningful personal contacts

5. Explore ways to create emotional health.

In this course/ebook you will learn to identify stress, establish what situations, thoughts or feelings stress you out and learn ways to reduce this stress. Identifying mind traps, will help you to become more aware of your thinking patterns and enable you to be more mindful of them, allowing you to increase your resilience to stressors and life difficulties.


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