Advantage of Foresight – The Whisperings

bangkok park swamped by birds

Advantage of Foresight – The Whisperings

You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, it at all?

If only?

What if?

Can I can’t I?

I have a certain sensitivity. Not foresight exactly. Sometimes dreams; sometimes messages usually from animals often from birds, especially crows; a knowing without being told a sense of the unspoken in people. It seems to have come down the maternal line. My grandmother had it strongly, she used to get messages from birds, usually doves or pigeons, mainly about a passing. Given that karma will ripen in its own time, I’m not sure how useful it would be. I can try to do things to purify negative karma, listen to the unspoken, the fleeting, the whisperings, be present.


Wrong Turns – The Car Park at the Mall – Short Term Memory Glitches

Wrong Turns – The Car Park at the Mall – A Lesson in Paying Attention

When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable e-xperience, or a stressful one? Tell us all about it.



This is how I feel, it may as well be a Netherworld.

I am not kidding when I say this. Literally I get out of my car, get distracted and fail to take notice of landmarks like colour coding and Levels.The last time this happened, many things happened at once. It’s a short term memory problem. As soon as I put something down, I forget where I put it, like house and car keys, although they usually live in a brightly coloured, can’t be missed bowl. So, I get out the car in the multi-leveled and variously colour coded parking area. I close and lock the doors, being aware of jamming, so I check all the doors to make sure they have not been jammed. By this time, I fail to note the marker maps that will allow me to return to my car, like a homing pigeon. I have also failed to take note of where I have placed my car keys in my multi-purpose Hedgren Urban bag, travel worn and a bit weary, but worst of all, I have failed to take note of where I have placed the parking ticket, which I will have to use to pay at the outlet before returning to my car.

Off I go, distracted. On my return I am in the queue to pay, with impatient individuals behind me who stop just short of riding onto my heels with their laden trolleys. I start to fish in my bag for the ticket. I can’t find it, so I have to stand aside. Since I seldom carry cash, having been relieved of over R500 once, and theft is prevalent, I have learnt my lesson, but this also means I seldom have any cash at all, especially not coins or notes that will be accepted by the machine. I rummage some more, by this time embarrassed and flustered, with cash slips spilling from my wallet, raining like confetti, (I always think I will refer to them when budgeting, but I seldom do). The fine for a lost ticket is R300. Finally, I pass this hurdle. But now I need to find my car. I wonder around heading in the direction I think it is. I’m sure this is where it was. Up and down several levels. Now I am convinced my car has been stolen. I approach a security guard, who radios others. I ask if they can access CCTV footage. They say yes. We search. Finally I come across my car, not at all where I thought I had left it. Sheepishly I explain that in fact my car has not been stolen. But, I have to find the keys.

The lesson. Practice mindfulness, especially in the moments that I am inclined to be distracted. Like a visit to the mall. This mainly happens because this is not my favourite activity and I do not do it for fun. It is reserved specifically for a mission, a task or tasks.

Right, be mindful. Pay attention. Until next time.

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“This too Shall Pass” | Endure


I would like to share with you the significance of this proverb for me, which may be helpful for you. In all things and in all difficulties, this simple proverb can really help one to be still. To be in the moment. No matter what the experience, whether pain or pleasure, it enhances the quality of one’s life to keep this in mind. It has the potential to bring profound change, simply knowing pain or difficulty will pass, (really knowing), pleasure too will pass and therefore needs to be truly savored. All things are impermanent. Let things be, be mindful of their qualities, accept. Be, be still. I can think here of the words of Kathleen Raine in Rock:

“There is stone in me that knows stone

Whose sole state is stasis,

While the slow cycle of the stars whirls a world of rock

Through light-years where in nightmare I fall crying

‘Must I travel fathomless distance for ever and ever?’

All that is in me of the rock replies,

‘For ever, if it must be; be, and be still; endure’.”

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