Finding Meaning in Suffering ~ 30-Day Online Program

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See this Scientific American article on finding meaning in suffering, highlighting useful insights from research on “post-traumatic growth” by Kasley Killam:…/how-to-find-meaning-in…/

By searching for good in something terrible or painful, Killam points out how this adversity can act as a “…catalyst for advancing to a higher level of psychological functioning.” These struggles can be a springboard to reach “…greater meaning and transformation.”

Check out my online 30-Day program, recently launched, which takes you step by step through a process to discover meaning in difficult times: Calming the Storm: How Discovering Meaning Can Change Your Life here. Use the following coupon code to get the 25% launch discount US 75 ~ coupon code: carolknoxcalmingthestorm1:


Upcoming Program Launch ~ Calming the Storm: How Discovering Meaning Can Change Your Life


Upcoming 30 day program launch on Avanoo

Title: Calming the Storm

Subtitle: How Discovering Meaning Can Change Your Life


Courage, Life Purpose, Mindfulness, Resilience

Full Program Description:


A lack of meaning might be called a malaise of our times. When we encounter challenges in life, often we discover that we can’t find a center, a way to cope. What is it all about?

Studies measuring meaning and purpose in life have found that meaning in life mediates uncontrollable stress and substance abuse, depression, anxiety and self-derogation, among others. This meaning or deepest human value, this WHY, points us to reach beyond ourselves, to enrich our lives, and to unfold a deep fulfillment in our work and personal lives.

About This Program

This program offers daily ways for you to overcome difficult situations, to help you to find the WHY that will energize and animate your life. In finding your own WHY, in discovering your meaning and your purpose, your pain will be lessened. You will discover ways to unfold meaning, as well as a personal calling through tasks that you can fulfill, relationships that you can strengthen and enrich, and attitudes that you can develop and cultivate.

This practical, inspiring, and potentially life-changing program will take you step by step through a process towards a more fulfilled and enriched working and personal life.

Long Bio:

Carol equips individuals to overcome challenges and life difficulties, guiding them to greater fulfillment and enrichment in their work and personal lives. Her work is designed to help others reduce their stress through meditation and mindfulness. Carol is a long-time trainer, lecturer, and business soft skills coach, focusing on: Train the Trainer, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Negotiation, Diversity, and Achieving Consensus, among other topics. She is a university tutor for training teachers in Life Orientation and Adult Basic Education.

Carol has a Master of Education, cum laude, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Psychology at the University of South Africa. Her research focuses on trauma and post-traumatic stress, and on the benefits of discovering meaning and practicing mindfulness in improving life circumstances. Carol has completed several courses on mindfulness and meditation, and has practiced meditation for more than 14 years.

Carol is the mother of three daughters and currently lives in a small town in the Western Cape in South Africa. She loves animals and likes to spend her time exploring the beauty of the West Coast. In her spare time she likes to write and has recently published her first audio short story: Belongings in the Sand.

Short Bio:

Carol is a long-time trainer, lecturer, and business soft skills coach, whose work is designed to help individuals reduce their stress through meditation and mindfulness.

Keyword Bio:

Mindfulness Coach, Writer, Teacher.



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